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08 January 2023
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Real Cricket™ 20 APK is best and excited cricket game that you’ve never seen it before. This game feels you the real cricket. If you are lover of cricket then you know Big Bash Boom. Real Cricket™ 20 APK is famous cricket game. This game is famous in the world. The android developer thinks and bring awesome game which relate to cricket. Every moment in this game is relate to Real Cricket. You can download this game from this site. Download Real Cricket™ 20 APK and enjoy the game while playing.

Big Bash Boom APK is full of excitement and entertainment. You can see popular players around the world are available on this game. You can select your 11 favorite players to make playing 11. Select your country team or you can also select others country teams. Choose a good color for shirts of the team. If you play offline then you can also select your opponent team. You can also play this game with your friends by connect the internet. This game is also available for all devices (android devices and window devices). So, download the game from here and enjoy.

Gameplay of Real Cricket™ 20 APK:

Real Cricket™ 20 APK take the rules of cricket too seriously and tries to make itself accessible. All players and umpires look like 3d caricatures with extra-large heads and small bodies. The animations in Real Cricket™ 20 APK feel like an evolution of the real cricket. Now, when you hit the ball for six, you can see a glowing trail behind the ball sometimes. If you hit a Yorker length delivery for a six there’s a slow-motion cutscene. That shows you launching it into the air. If you get out without scoring your batsman will be mocked by a giant dancing rubber duck. They walk back to the pavilion. This adds a fun element to the game which is nice to have the gameplay in Real Cricket™ 20 APK.

In one match there are two innings. Two innings was just too long in terms of loading times in game. Menus also looked pretty and you can also read the names of the players on the customization screen. If you ignore these performance issues, which is a big task in big bash boom APK does have a few more flaws. There are three main modes. The three main modes are Casual, tournaments and customize.

More About Gameplay:

If you keep the score down in an over while bowling or score a lot of runs while batting. Then your powerup meter will fill to the brim. After that you can enable these power-up. Ultimate moves in this game such as injustice to power-ups. This will allow you to score more runs and prevent the batsman from running. The fielders are almost completely automated in Real Cricket™ 20 APK. Now, we still find this to be the weakest point of the game. You can choose to play 10 or 20 over matches even a simple 5 over match. After every single delivery is completed, you will see a splash screen with the words Real Cricket™ 20 APK. This is probably expected on this game.

Features of Real Cricket™ 20 APK:

  • Various tournaments.
  • Customization of players.
  • Commentary.
  • Music while playing game.
  • Play with your friends.
  • Online Playing.
  • Smooth Gameplay.
  • New Players.
  • Different Grounds.
  • New empires.
  • Easy to play.
  • Free to download.
  • 100% to use.

How to Download and Install Big Bash Boom APK?

If you don’t know the process of downloading and installing of Real Cricket™ 20 APK. Then don’t worry because we can tell you the easy and simple steps of download and install of this file. Follow the below steps to download the file.

  • First click the download button which is present in the top of a page.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and again click the download button.
  • It automatically downloads on your device.
  • Before downloading, also allow the third-party apps on your device.
  • After downloading, click the icon of the app to install.
  • Click the “install” button and wait for some seconds.
  • Check the app on your phone.
  • If you can see the app then the app is correctly download and install on your device.
  • Open the app and enjoy the game.

Why Install Real Cricket™ 20 APK is not downloading?

Sometimes, Real Cricket™ 20 APK is not downloading due to some issue. You have to fix those issues to download the app. First check your internet connection. Is the internet being slow? You have to check your internet. If your internet is slow then restart the router and after that download again the app.

The second issue you may face is space. Sometime, in our phone there is not enough space to download the app. Check the space of your phone. Is there much space for this app. If no then delete a file which is not important for you. After that download again the app.


Real Cricket™ 20 APK is popular game in the world. There are many more cricket game in other sites but this is one of them which has millions of active users. Download the game once time and after that you always play this game. This game won the hearts of cricket fans. So, download the game and enjoy while playing. If you face any problem to download the app from this website then comment on below section. We will solve that problem as soon as possible. You can also download more popular games like Carx Street APK and others games.

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